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    CUB 38449 - The claimant's benefits had been established and she had been sponsored to take a course. Due to circumstances, the course was delayed to after the claim had run out. As such, the claimant was not granted an extension for the course. Because the claimant had done preliminary work for the course in question the Umpire found her to be in attendance of the course and therefore open to having her benefit period extended. The appeal was allowed.
    Appellant: Angela C. Lavery


    CUB 25361/A-577-94 - The appellant was laid off from his job and applied for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. He advised an employee of the Commission that he was planning on attending a meat-cutting course and would be unable to seek employment during that period. The appellant was advised by an employee of the Commission that there would be " no problem" receiving benefits. The claimant completed the form he was given and began his studies. He was subsequently disqualified from receiving benefits on the basis that he was not available for work due to his attendance in a course of which he was not referred by the Commission. If the applicant had not been given the wrong form to fill out he would have received benefits for the period from August 30 to October 7. Absent from a purely administrative or clerical error made by an employee of the Commission, the appellant would have been lawfully entitled to receive benefits for the aforementioned period. The appellant was entitled to payment of the benefits in question. The appeal was allowed.
    Appellant: T. Bertrand
    Date: 1994

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