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    Purpose of this handbook

    The "Information Handbook for Employment Insurance Board of Referees (PDF Version, 692 KB)" Information Handbook for Employment Insurance Board of Referees (PDF Version, 692 KB) is available in PDF format - the file can be opened with the freely available Acrobat Reader.

    1. Canada Employment Insurance Commission

    2. The Commission's legislative and administrative powers under the Employment Insurance Act and Regulations

    3. Overview of the EI system

    4. The EI appeal system

    5. Appeals to the EI Board of Referees

    6. Role of the EI Boards of Referees

    7. Code of Values and Conduct for Employment Insurance Board of Referees

    8. Service pledge

    9. The hearing room

    10. Adjourning the hearing

    11. Attending the hearing

    12. Telephone and video conference hearings

    13. Conducting the hearing

    14. Recording the hearing

    15. Deliberations of the Board of Referees and decision writing

    16. Implementing the Board's decision

    17. Request for reconsideration and de novo hearings Request for reconsideration and hearings

    18. Media access

    19. Impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    20. Appointments to EI Boards of Referees

    21. Continuing eligibility as a Board member

    22. Renewal

    23. Conflict of interest

    24. Protection of Personal Information

    25. Security clearance

    26. Training Program for EI Boards of Referees

    27. Remuneration and allowances